Eerlijk en open

Honest and open

If you've been following me for a while, you've probably noticed that things often get a bit chaotic here. I will always admit that honestly, because I don't like to...
Mag je 'Disney-kralen' verkopen?

Can you sell 'Disney beads'?

As everyone knows, Disney is an extremely strong brand that has established a lot in terms of copyright, trademark and intellectual property. Yet lately you see a lot of silicone beads that are based on Disney characters, or even an exact copy of characters. What does that actually look like?
Hoe ik werk

How I work

What makes Hugs & Things' working method so special, and what makes my service so highly rated?
Volledig gecertificeerd...?

Fully certified...?

For a few years now, the materials I sell to make baby items have been 'fully certified'.
But what does that actually mean?
Vormen & Kleuren

Shapes & Colors

I always find it very surprising to see what happens when you use colors or shapes of beads in a different order. You will then quickly get very different end products!
Bijna 10 jaar!

Almost 10 years!

Wow, how time has flown!
This year Hugs & Things has been around for 10 years!