Help videos

On this page you will find a number of videos that can help you, for example, in making a pacifier cord or teething ring. These videos are primarily intended as guidance for private individuals who want to get started with silicone beads for the first time.

The way of tying the teething ring that I show in the video has been tested for strength and passed the test. But be careful: if you want to sell your handmade items, you must ensure that you still have a strength test carried out!
You may tie knots in a slightly different way than I do.

The materials of the pacifier cord have already passed the strength test several times. So you're in the right place with the clips and satin thread! However, the method of attachment remains of course super important.
I haven't had my knotting method tested (yet), but I have made sure that no beads can come loose from the cord in all kinds of ways. In the video I explain how I do that.

I also show how the pins work, how to use a snap closure, how to make key rings and why I had my split beads (with 3 holes) made.