How does it work?

If you have an account, you automatically save points with every euro you spend.

In the 'rewards widget' at the bottom left you can see exactly how many points you already have, and how many you need for the various rewards.

Do you have enough points? Then exchange it for a coupon in the widget. Under the 'coupons' tab you can see your created coupons and add them to your shopping cart with 1 push of a button.

Please note: it is currently not possible to undo the creation of a coupon. So think carefully before redeeming your points.

Save for a discount

For every euro you get 1 savings point.
The longer you save, the higher your discount!

Business customers save a little faster. Are you a business customer with a VAT number and would you like to know more? Enter your VAT number in your account, ask me for access to the B2B page (see menu below), and read more about the extra loyalty points and discounts that business customers can receive.