Round bead 12 mm

Round 12mm beads are similar in size to peas and are used as a variation with larger beads. These beads are too small for teething rings, but for example at the end of a pacifier cord, on a key ring or pen, or to make a size change on a necklace, they are great!

Round bead 15 mm

This is by far the most sold size. These beads are used in teething rings, pacifier chains, key chains, pens, and much more. They combine nicely with all other shapes. If you want to build up a basic stock for making your own items, be sure to order beads in this size!

Round bead 19 mm

These are beautiful large round beads that work very well in combination with 15 mm beads, for example in a teething ring. They are also used in pacifier cords. Don't take too many, but use 1 or 2 as an 'accent bead'. Available in all 126 colors and most prints, easy to combine.

Round bead 22 mm

These are the largest round beads that I have in the range. These beads are too large for a teething ring or pacifier chain, but can be used in a pram tensioner or other creation.
These beads are only available in a few basic colors. Click below to see what colors are available.

Mini Hexagon 14 mm

The little brother of the large hexagon, and the most sold size of the two hexagons. Together with 15 mm beads you can use them very nicely in a pacifier chain, but they are also great on a key ring or pen. All colors in the range are available as mini-hexagon, so you can combine unlimitedly!

Hexagon 17mm

Large hexagons that are super fun to use as a variation due to their angular shape. Some have a clear preference for the mini-hexagons, others prefer to use this larger variant. Both hexagons can be used in pacifier cords and teething rings. Use 1 or 2 per item.

Ribbed bead 18 mm

These ribbed beads are made especially for me in this size. The extra large size makes the structure clearer than the smaller ribbed beads available elsewhere. This makes the beads attractive to babies, but also fun to look at. Use them for variety, in the same way you would use 19mm beads. The ridges just add that extra something.

Split bead 15 mm

These split beads are made especially for me. I have them made with 3 holes, so that the 2 wires enter the bead together on one side and come out split on the other side. Use these beads at the bottom of a pacifier cord, to prevent the last bead from sliding over the button, or in a key ring, for example.

Faceted bead 15 mm

These 15mm beads look a bit like 'golf balls'. They all have facets all around, and therefore provide a nice variety. These beads are currently available in a number of basic colors. In the near future I want to try to expand the number of colors. Can be used in the same way as the 15mm beads.

Abacus 14mm

These are super popular beads, which you can easily use as an 'intermediate bead'.
They are perfect for use on pens/pencils or key rings, because you can fit many more beads, as they are only 8 mm thick.

Abacus 19mm

This is the big brother of the popular small abacus. In terms of cross-section, they are comparable to the round 19 mm beads, but because they are flat, they have a completely different appearance in the end product. With these beads I would choose to use 1 or 2 as 'accent beads'.


These beads are made exclusively for me. I was looking for a bead that was a cross between a round bead and an abacus, so I had a slightly flattened bead of 15 mm by 12 mm made. Just like the small abacus, lanterns offer a nice variety!

Small Intermediate Disc

These small discs of 12 mm are mainly used to make teething rings with names nice and round. By alternating letters and spacers, you can bend the ring much better and therefore tie it off more tightly. In that case you need 1 spacer less than the number of letters you use.

Large Intermediate Disc

These larger spacers have a diameter of 15 mm and are mainly used as spacer beads. Nowadays also often in pacifier cords. That provides a nice variety between beads, and gives you the opportunity to use more different beads or colors.

Bow tie (3+)

These bow ties have a hole from left to right. They are approximately 30 mm wide and 23 mm high, and unfortunately should not be used in baby items because the 'tails' are not sturdy enough. They are very nice on a key ring or on a pen or pencil!


These hearts measure 17 mm x 20 mm x 8 mm, and their size makes them suitable for all kinds of different items. Use them in a pacifier clip, on a key ring or on a pen. I don't think they are suitable for teething rings, because the beads are not very thick.


Just like the hearts, you can use these super cute roses in all kinds of items. The roses have a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 12 mm. Due to their structure, the roses provide a subtle accent without being very present.


Very subtle stars, which, just like the hearts and roses, can be used as a variation. These stars are available in only 5 colors.


I am a big fan of these rainbows, because of their sleek appearance. I already sell these rainbows in a large number of colors, but I will expand this number even further. The arches are 20 mm by 16 mm in size, and you can use them in all kinds of accessories.


Cute butterflies to use in accessories. I don't think they are suitable for baby items because of the thin pieces. Available in a number of basic colours. The butterflies are 30 mm by 23 mm in size


Beautifully detailed leaf with a size of 25 mm by 20 mm. You can use these leaves in pacifier cords and in all kinds of accessories. For example, combine them with flower beads, or with various other colors, for a calmer look.


Super cool monstera leaves! Due to the thin pieces, I don't think these beads are great for baby items, but they are great to use in accessories. The leaves have a size of 25 mm by 20 mm.


Large flat silicone discs with a diameter of 25 mm. Really intended as an 'accent bead', for example in a wagon tensioner, nice as a change between other large beads.

Spacer Flower

New in the range! Discs with a diameter of 15mm and a thickness of 4mm. This nicely fills up the last space on a pen or key ring. Or use them as a nice change!

Small Ring

These silicone rings have a diameter of 43 mm and the hole is 20 mm. Nice as a 'teething ring' at the bottom of a feeding chain, but there are many more applications for these rings. Do you want to use them on a teething ring? Please keep in mind that no fingers can get stuck between the ring and the beads.
In the photo above you can see a 15 mm bead next to the ring.

Big Ring

Large silicone rings with a diameter of 75 mm and an inner diameter of 45 mm. The rings have holes on the sides, so you can also add beads 'inside the ring'. Always pay attention to sturdiness if you are going to make complicated creations with this!
In the photo above you see a large hexagon next to the ring.


These elephants have been tested as toys, and can therefore also be used separately.
In the photo above you see a 15 mm bead and a large hexagon. You can see approximately how big the elephants are. The elephants have bumps at the back to make them extra attractive and easy to hold.