How can you shop conveniently in this shop?

Creating a good website for so many different beads turns out to be a major challenge.
On this new website I have opted for a completely new structure, which I would like to briefly explain below, so that you can shop optimally:

Where should you start?

The most convenient way to search depends on what exactly you are looking for.
Below I give a few scenarios:

You are looking for beads in a certain color

Select the 'Search by Color' page under the 'Collection' heading. Here you will find all 126 solid colors from the range, but also the glossy colors. In the photos you see 15mm beads, but if you click on the item, you can choose from all available shapes in that color.
You can also filter by color group.
Handy, for example, if you are only looking for shades of blue.

You are looking for beads in a certain shape

Select the 'Search by shape/size' page under the 'Collection' heading. When you click on a shape, you will see all available colors of that shape. (Handy, because not every shape is available in every color!).
Don't be alarmed: you will also see containers with 15mm beads here, but your chosen shape can simply be selected under that article! Do you find this too cumbersome? Type the shape you are looking for in the search bar and you will see all articles in that shape. Within the results you can also filter by color group.

Do you want to know how the shapes and sizes relate to each other? Here you will find more information.

You are looking for nice figures

I have placed all figures with multiple colors, and figures with colors that differ from the 126 colors from the regular range, in a separate category.
So you won't find it among the colors if you search for it.
The shapes can be sorted by theme. Here you will also find links to the plain figure beads that are included in the colors. This way you can be sure you don't miss anything!

You are looking for beads with a print

These beads have also been given their own page. For each print, just like when searching by color, you will find all available shapes under 1 item. Some prints have many shapes, others only 1 or 2. Please know that I am always expanding! If you haven't seen it yet: when you search by shape you will automatically come across the prints!

You are looking for letter beads

I sell letter beads in size 12 mm in 10 different colors.
I also have white beads with a black letter in a size smaller (10 mm).
In 12 mm white, black and oatmeal, not only the complete alphabet is available, but also beads with É, Ë, È and Ï, and beads with a heart or a star.
In white you will also find a few special letters and beads with a red heart.

I have created an article for each color, with a drop-down menu below to select your letters. You can also opt for an entire alphabet with a little discount. (A to Z, without the special characters)

You are looking for threading supplies, key rings, pens, etc.

You will also find separate categories for this under the heading 'Collection'. Under 'threading materials' you will find things such as beading needles, satin thread, clips and closures.

In the accessories section you will find various subcategories with all kinds of items that you can use in combination with the silicone beads.

You have an idea, but you don't know exactly what you are looking for

To help you get started, I have created theme pages, but you can also choose to order a bead mix. This way you have a great start, with which you can make a lot of fun things! You can find more ideas via the Inspiration page in the main menu.

Finally, I have crochet cotton from Scheepjes in the range. You can use this to crochet beads yourself or make other fun baby items. This cotton is certified for use in baby products!