If you've been following me for a while, you've probably noticed that things often get a bit chaotic here. I will always admit that honestly, because I don't like to make things look better than they are.

That's why we now have an honest and open blog:

I have never been officially diagnosed with ADHD, but I meet all the requirements, and I regularly notice that in the way I work.

A few situations that may be very recognizable to some of you:
  • I'm packing orders, and from one moment to the next I can't find any scissors (and I have 4 scissors for a reason). Usually it turns out that the scissors are either right in front of me, or in the most illogical place you can think of for a pair of scissors.
  • I'm packing an order and only need to grab 2 more beads. Still, I think that is the perfect time to stick a few labels on bins that still needed to be labeled.
  • I'm starting a purchasing list and I really want to have it submitted before the end of the day. Very often I discover a day or 2 later that I didn't finish/submit the list because something came up.
  • I receive an app. I have to respond immediately and possibly put a reminder with notification in my phone. Otherwise there's a good chance that a few days later I'll be sitting up in bed in the middle of the night: forget it!
    (the reason I respond to your messages almost 24/7).
  • I worked on the new website: that meant that within 6 weeks I spent more than 350 hours behind the computer or with a camera in my hands. I worked 14-16 hour days, and had no time or attention for anything else. When the website was finished I 'collapsed'.
  • When I'm working hard, I completely lose track of time. But even when I'm not actually that busy, I sometimes lose an hour. Another reason to always have multiple alarms active on my phone (for example as a reminder that there is a load of laundry in the machine).
  • My thoughts never stand still. During the day, at least 3 thoughts and a song always play through my head at the same time (the song generally comes out loud, which can sometimes cause embarrassing situations in a noisy building like mine, haha!), and also in I can't leave my head out of bed. Fortunately, this regularly leads to creative ideas and endless wish lists. Adding structure to it is another challenge.
  • Lists. Endless lists. Lists with the same points as on other lists. Lists on pieces of paper that then get lost and lists in my phone. (I used to have a lot of different agendas, planners, bullet journals. Nothing worked). And yet everything turns out fine in the end!
  • Hobbies: I have all the materials at home for at least 10 different hobbies. And no, I actually don't do anything with that anymore... Nowadays I try to translate the urge to buy everything into 'buying-even-more-beads' (for you).

Your orders are a fantastic encouragement for me. I manage to process them every day, but things like administration, tidying up, counting stock, etc. generally remain untouched for as long as possible. (Or until I happen to have a 'good day')

Yet I am sure that my chaotic mind has ensured that I have achieved what I have achieved.

I make decisions impulsively and based on feeling, and they generally turn out well. I like to chat a lot, which means that I often have fantastic open contact with customers and am always willing to go the extra mile for you.

Creating my own job has been my 'salvation': I can manage my own time, make my own decisions, and clean up my own 'mess'.
I think it's fantastic that the company is always moving and that I have such nice contacts with you.

I can use my creativity in inventing and designing new things, and I love the excitement of launching new beads, but also keeping an eye on incoming orders every day gives all the boosts I need.

And well, every now and then a mistake or clumsiness slips through. I find that difficult, but I am learning to deal with it better and better. And fortunately you are always very sweet and understanding. That makes a huge difference!

In short: I can rightly say that I am very proud of what I have achieved and that my job suits me perfectly! Girl power! (Or is it ADHD power?)