I work alone, and I'm proud of that!

Unlike most other companies, I do everything all by myself.
From purchasing, taking photos and website, packing, shipping, customer contact to building a warehouse, organizing, writing texts, and so on.

That means I'm actually busy 24/7 with Hugs & Things, and I love that!
(Although it means I have a maximum of 2-3 weeks off a year, and usually work 7 days a week).

Because I work alone, I am always the one you have contact with.

Did something go wrong while packing your order? My fault ;-). Other problems? I will solve it immediately!
But even if you are very satisfied (and that is actually almost everyone: I score a 9.8!!) I would of course like to hear that.

I have had personal contact with many of my regular customers for a long time, and that is one of the nicest things about my job. I like to keep it small-scale and personal. To know who you are, and to help you think about the future of Hugs & Things. Together with you I try to create the ideal online store for silicone beads and accessories. Although unfortunately not everything is (immediately) possible due to safety or high costs, I write down all suggestions!

My company is really my 'baby', and I would do almost anything for it.

Nothing makes me happier than sending another big stack of packages to you, and receiving nice messages regularly. My service is highly rated, and that is because that is really one of my main focuses, together with safety.

As long as you're happy, so am I!

Now that I have taken a 'new path' with the range, the intention is to arrange a number of new items for you every month! I have started growing, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Love, Marit