For a long time I had a fairly limited range. That made me start looking at what fun creations could be made with it.

For example, I always find it very surprising to see what happens when you use colors or shapes of beads in a different order. You will then quickly get very different end products!

You can also make a certain order of beads in different color combinations.
Below you can see that you can really get very varied results!

I used exactly the same bead shapes in all these pacifier cords, but I always chose different color combinations.
As a result, I received 5 completely different pacifier cords. Each cord is exactly 22 centimeters long, while I only had to measure once. So I didn't have to search for a new combination of shapes every time that would fit within the maximum size.

This can also be very useful, for example, if you want to have your end products tested. Once the order of beads has been approved, you can make many different combinations of colors without having to change the shapes or order.

I did something similar with these food chains*:

I used the same colors and shapes in both necklaces, but I mirrored the order of the colors in both necklaces exactly. This example clearly shows that you really get two completely different chains! (And that with 6 colors in 5 different shapes/sizes)

The range has now grown considerably, and in the coming months I want to try to purchase as many shapes as possible in 'all' colors for you. Because I always recommend using simple shapes for pacifier clips, I think the examples above will always remain relevant!
'Simple' doesn't have to be boring at all!

What will you create in the near future?

*Please note: feeding chains are not toys. They are intended to keep squeezing/scratching/easily distracted babies busy while drinking from the breast or bottle. Never release a feeding chain to a baby. The person providing the food must wear the chain around their neck. The variation in shapes, colors and textures ensures that the necklace is attractive to the baby. A chain can also be used when carrying in a sling or carrier. Then you also keep the chain around your own neck. The safety lock will cause the chain to unclip if it is pulled too hard.