Bite figures

By popular request, I will slowly add teething figures to the range in the near future.

Why slow?
I think it is important that all figures you can buy from me have been proven to comply with the Toy Directive. The figures you will find below have all been tested and found to be safe.
In the coming months I will have more tests carried out myself, so that I can expand the range.

Please note: the colors of the teething figures often do not (exactly) match the 126 colors from my regular range. In the near future I will try to indicate as clearly as possible which colors combine well, and have also mentioned if a figure does have exactly my own color.

Below you will find all the shapes of teething figures that I currently have in my range.
Click on a figure to open a page with all available colors, or scroll down this page to scroll through all available figures.

Don't want to search by shape? Below you will find all available teething figures.

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